Saturday, April 30, 2011


Much of the world has known of the PlayStation Network shutdown for about a week now (besides fox news, they just ran the story today), and I'm here to give my unique foolish view on this ordeal. Sony tried to down play the situation at first then came out with what really happened. Seriously Sony? When the fecal matter hits the reciprocating air mover, action needs to be taken immediately. They needed to do more than just shut down the network without telling anyone what was going on. Sony should have set up proper defenses against this attack, and because they did not, they have probably lost many of their customer's loyalty. If you have a network of 77million, you better protect it.

I do, however, believe that the hacker(s) responsible for trying to steal the personal information of 77million users should be locked up for some amount of time. An attack this malicious can't possibly be legal anywhere in the world where the technological capabilities to make the attack exist. If those responsible are found out something needs to be done.

Anyway, this is just my foolish take on the situation. I make no claims to be correct or to know every ounce of information out there. I just make my view out.

Thanks for reading the first edition of The Foolish View. I hope you enjoyed it.